Facing the Avoidance

In order to face our fear and what we’re avoiding … we have to know we’re avoiding. So the first thing I do is ask myself, “Am I creating right now, or putting my work out into the world?” If not, there’s a decent chance I’m avoiding out of fear.

There are seeming exceptions of course: collaborating with others in team meetings (I would argue that’s creating), coaching (that’s both creating and putting my work out there), research (but keep it to a bare minimum, most people procrastinate by researching more than is needed). We have to do admin work and emails too — but if I haven’t created today, then I know I let my day get filled with administrative busywork instead of focusing on the thing that matters.

So once we see we’re avoiding creating and putting it out there … it helps to create structure to face the fear.

If you’re avoiding creating: set up a daily session to feel the fear and then create. Not research, but actually create. Do it on a video call with others, if that helps, or get an accountability group.

If you’re creating but avoiding putting it out there: commit to doing it in small steps. For example, send it to a group of people you trust. When that gets easy, send it to a larger group. Then put it into other communities.

Work on the muscle of creating, and putting it out there regularly. Every day.

Join me in my Fearless Training Program if that’s the kind of training you’d like to do. Let’s make an impact together.

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